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Keith uses a variety of guitars and stringed instruments for solo & ensembles. His main 6 string guitar is a Kinscherff High Noon. Jamie Kinscherff has recently built Keith a custom 12 string designed from the High Noon model. A Taylor LKS12 is currently Keith's main 12 string guitar. Luthier John Osthoff built Keith an OM guitar with macassar ebony back & sides, as well as an AS Baritone with teh same tonewood. Keith uses Nugget mandolins, OMI dobros, National M-1 & Style 1 Tricone, 1978 Fender Strat, and many other instruments. He will soon be using a Dupont MD-50, Holloway harp guitar, and a GuitViol.

Regarding electronics, Keith has used Pendulum preamps exclusively for live performance for over 15 years.  For live sound with non-resophonic guitars, Keith uses K&K pure contact transducers, LR Baggs Anthem. For resonator guitars, Keith uses Highlander, K&K, and Schertler transducers. Amps and outboard gear include Mitchell amps, Lexicon units. Keith also uses a Neumann km 84 condenser mic to capture the sound in front of the instruments.  Keith also uses Dunlop thumbpicks, Sharktooth thumbpicks, National fingerpicks, Acoustiglide and Shubb slides. Some of the instruments Keith plays come from finest craftsmen in the world.

Makers of fine handcrafted acoustic & electric guitars and mandolins:
Jamie Kinscherff, TX
John Osthoff, MA
Mike Kemnitzer, MI
Kevin Ryan, CA
Paul Norman, MA
Maurice Dupont, France
Larger manufacturers of fine guitars:
National Resophonic Guitars (M1 & Style 1 Tricone)
OMI Dobro, CA
Taylor Guitars, CA
Breedlove Guitars, OR