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Welcome to the official KEITH KNIGHT website. Inside you'll find tour dates, video, audio, and the latest on acoustic fingerstyle guitar, mandolin, dobro, and much more. Known as a versatile musician, Keith demonstrates how one player can sound like 3 or 4 at one time. But it doesn't stop there. He performs a wide variety of genres: 12 & 6 string fingerstyle guitar, Appalachian folk, acoustic roots, delta & ragtime blues, bluegrass, old time, calypso, classical, and baroque. Join the newsletter subscription to get updates on Keith Knight and fingerstyle guitar around the globe.

DSD Recording Sessions

Keith will be recording after a long hiatus. The format will be in high end DSD, rendering MP3 files as mere child's play. Sessions begin in 2016. More info to come.

New Instruments

Keith talks about the uniqueness of 12 string guitars and the features he looks for during the planning stages. Taking possession of a new Jamie Kinscherff Custom 12 string which Jamie and Keith have been discussing for some years, the high-noon body produces a monster sound. Read more here. Soon to be included are the GuitViol, Holloway harp guitar, and Dupont MD-50.

New Variety Shows

Keith is currently performing solo concerts as well as performing with Don Alder (collectively EXTREME Guitar Duo). Keith is also performing with Trio Montreal (Don Alder & Lily McCabe), which is a new, eclectic trio performing powerful acoustic music. Read more here.


Keith Knight:
Coolwater Ranch Concerts
Ahwahnee, CA USA